New Year's Wishes


In 2010, I wish:

For real economic recovery, sound leadership from our local and national elected officials, more hours in the day, the willpower to stick to my resolutions, and the perfect pair of shoes!
~ Kris Tanahara

To live up to the best that is within me in whatever situation I find myself.
~ Tess Staadecker
To bring excitement and energy to this year’s milestones:  our 25th year in business, and my 60th anniversary of life on this fabulous planet! For this to be the Cubs’ year!
~ Ruth Ann Becker
That continued government and international relations reach a positive outcome, that I enjoy the scenery even if I’m on a detour and that all the shoes on sale be just my size.
~ Lisette Gonzalez
To visit the motherland, Philippines, to have good health for my family and friends and to see improvement in the economy.
~ Marichris Diga
For the wisdom to choose priorities...for those things that really matter in life.
~ Jaclyn Hawse
That the producers of LOST have a change of heart and decide not to end the show in 2010!  That 2010 becomes a year filled with friends, family, good food, and great memories.
~ Angela Anderson
To grow and learn from the challenges that arise . . . and to get back into those skinny jeans!
~ Allison Andrade
This new year brings more smiles; good friends, good food, good times......and I hope we never have another writer's strike!
~ Lisa Gaitan
For goodness, fulfillment, laughter and peace...and the chance to sleep in past 6 a.m. on the weekends!
~ Caroline Witherspoon
For people to feel happiness, to discover happiness.  I wish for the front pages of newspapers and homepages of websites to place in bold font happy news, hopeful news, something with promise.  And I wish for kids to get back to school full-time!
~ Nina Livingston
For more great times with family and good friends and for Dallas Cowboys to win the Super Bowl.
~ Jocelyn Collado

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New Year's Wishes

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