Issue Management/Crisis Communications

Has your organization ever faced a controversial issue or, worse, a crisis? We hope not.

If you have, you know how important expertise and experience is to the preservation of reputation, image and product integrity. That’s why companies and organizations turn to us to plan for events they hope never happen, and to manage situations, whether an issue or a crisis, when they do.

Issue management and crisis communications are highly specialized areas of public relations, requiring that the practitioner have a strong ability to focus, think quickly, plan strategy, and just as quickly change strategy midstream as the situation or issue evolves. Whereas many PR tools and tactics are similar for both, there are also distinct differences that often call for different approaches.

Becker Communications is the right firm to call on when controversial issues threaten to affect your reputation or derail your objectives. Our track record of success in helping clients deal with a wide variety of issues, and the respect we’ve earned from media for our issue management expertise will serve you well.

We are also the firm you’ll want in the foxhole with you, should your company become involved in an event that creates risk to, or destruction of life or property. We’re your partners, from the development of a crisis plan, through implementation of all aspects, to follow-up in the aftermath.

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