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Becker Communications, Inc. Public Relations Firm. Honolulu, Hawaii. Becker Communications was founded in 1986 on personal commitment...to our clients’ success...to dealing fairly and ethically...to challenging ourselves as individuals and as a team...to acting as responsible, contributing members of our community.

We are a full-service agency, with experience and expertise in Promotions/Marketing, Corporate Communications/Community Relations, Government Affairs, Issue Management and Crisis Communications. We marry traditional PR with an array of creative and interactive resources for maximum impact.

We love public relations’ ability to help our clients achieve their goals. We love working together at our offices in downtown Honolulu’s historic Stangenwald Building.

We believe in the value of public relations. We believe in stretching ourselves. Thinking large. Putting our personal best into creating results. Exceeding expectations.

Conversations with Ruth Ann Becker

Chair and CEO Ruth Ann Becker talks about her love of public relations and the agency she founded, the importance of supporting our community, and ways in which Becker Communications gives back.

Part 1: Becker Communications and Public Relations

Part 2: Community Involvement

Learn more about us: Meet the Professionals

About Us
Meet the Professionals

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